EMERGEIQ is a new startup founded in February 2019. It is primarily a Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Communication, analytics platform that ingests data, carries out problem solving analytics, then sends the results as secure signals via an API for clients to utilise e.g. via their mobile apps, desktop tools or other reporting channels.

EMERGEIQ Platform is built in Amazon AWS cloud, where clients, who are typically Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), via a few simple steps, can see how data can be used to solve various ‘commercial’ data Science/AI problems. If a client likes the products, we integrate the chosen solution(s) into their environment. The idea is that, over time, we will have an extensive ‘layman term’ suite of Data Science & AI solutions that simplifies and makes the most of Data Science and AI at low cost, across all sectors.

EMERGEIQ Service is an Enterprise B2B service for us to take the same concepts that the platform delivers, but bespoke build and integrate them into the existing technology infrastructure for large corporates who do not typically use the cloud e.g. for security and regulatory reasons, such as banks, but would like new, simple and insightful intelligence available via existing systems. The intention is for EMERGEIQ to be a fully integrated part of the enterprise’s technology stack as the clients’ strategic data science and artificial intelligence engine.